IBBY Announces the Resignation of 2024 Hans Christian Andersen Award Jury President

For immediate release
10 January 2023

The IBBY Hans Christian Andersen Award is the highest international recognition given to creators of children’s books. The recipients of the awards are selected by a distinguished international jury of literature experts. The jury is led by a president that is elected by the IBBY members at its biennial General Assembly from nominations submitted by the National Sections.

The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) is a non-profit organization that represents an international network of people who are committed to bringing books and children together. With 80 national sections, our members work in many different circumstances toward our common goals. We serve children who are often the victims of war, oppression, and social injustice.

Anastasia Arkhipova was democratically elected as the 2024 Andersen Jury President during the 38th IBBY General Assembly of its biennial Congress in Malaysia in September 2022, in the presence of 42 representatives of IBBY National Sections. There was no opposition to her nomination and no objections were raised when she was elected.

Nevertheless, she is mindful of the perception of the outside world. Thus, because she is aware of the importance of IBBY’s work and its stature in the world, she has submitted her resignation as Jury President of the 2024 Hans Christian Andersen Award Jury, which has been accepted by the IBBY Executive Committee. The Executive Committee has appointed former IBBY Executive Director Liz Page to administer the 2024 jury process as interim chair.

IBBY strongly and unequivocally condemns Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. The worldwide IBBY community supports the IBBY Ukrainian National Section as they work to serve their children and families. To date, IBBY has issued two public statements confirming this position, as well as participated actively in supporting projects that serve Ukrainian refugees in Poland, with more projects to come.

The IBBY community is based on trust between members and on the deeply held conviction that no one should be judged on basis of their nationality or on the actions of their government. For the last 70 years, IBBY members from all around the world have worked towards common goals despite political obstacles, financial crises, or nature’s fury. We continue to uphold the principles of IBBY and are committed to bringing books and children together, regardless of country, government, or citizenship.

Sylvia Vardell, IBBY President
IBBY Executive Committee