International IBBY Camp LAMPEDUSA 29 October / 3 November 2018

Här kommer ett brev från IBBY Italien som inbjuder till en workshop på det nya Silent books biblioteket på Lampedusa i slutet av oktober

Project “Silent books: from the world to Lampedusa and back”

All volunteers who would like to help and support us in inventing new ways of using and enjoying books, can take part in the continuing development of the newly opened IBBY library in Lampedusa, which was inaugurated on 16 September 2017.
At a time of uncertainty and change in ways of communicating, the IBBY library in Lampedusa has discovered a new way of making use of freedom; together we have to learn and understand what new challenges and possibilities can be gained from this experience.
From Monday, 29th of October to Saturday, 3rd November 2018 we are going to Lampedusa again to work together on how to create a library that is at the same time international and local; normal and yet extraordinary; and is ready to welcome all those who pass through. While at the same time functioning well because of the work of the regular users, and presenting all the ways in which a place can welcome people today – those who live in Lampedusa and those who are passing through.
We will be keeping in mind not only Lampedusa, but also every other place that is a frontier, that has a population of children who need to have opportunities opened up for them for their futures.
Every idea is welcome; every suggestion is considered and assessed. The aim of this IBBY Camp is to promote reading in the Lampedusa Library, and to find new ways of organizing the stock of books in order to increase its potential.
Librarians, students and those who have experience – you are all invited to Lampedusa, together with authors and illustrators who will take part. During this training week we will set up meetings and readings with the children, sharing every experience with all the others.
The voluntary workers who work all year round in the library are waiting for us, as well as all those who find in the Lampedusa Library the first real place of culture and welcome in their journey across the Mediterranean.
All those interested in taking part should contact IBBY Italia for further information.

With kind regards,
Deborah Soria
Project Manager, Italian Section of IBBY


1. How to organize your trip to Lampedusa
By plane:
Direct connections to Lampedusa are available from the Italian airports of Palermo and Catania
(Sicily) throughout the year. However, the booking service to and from Lampedusa can often be temporarily unavailable. We suggest that you book your flight to Palermo and Catania in advance and then buy your ticket to Lampedusa later on. The flights Palermo-Lampedusa or Catania-Lampedusa are at a fixed cost with no discounts for early booking.
By boat:
A daily direct connection to Lampedusa sails from Porto Empedocle (Agrigento, Sicily). The boat leaves at 23.59 every day and the journey last nearly 9 hours. However, the service is
cancelled whenever there is bad weather.

2. How to find an accommodation
There are many hotels, residences and bed & breakfast offers on the island. Please book something close to “ via Roma 34” the address of the IBBY Lampedusa Library

3. Confirm your attendance
After booking your flight, please send an email to to let us know. We will then send you a form to fill in. You should send it back before the 15 October

Please note that the activities in the Camp are Free, but travelling and accommodation are at the expense of the participant, no reimbursement is available.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes: you can come with your family!
Yes: you can attend IBBY Camp only for a few days if you cannot stay all week. In this case, please note that the Camp is organized into two shifts: from 29th of October to 1st November and 1st to 3rd of November.
No: you are not requested to spend all your time on the project: choose a comfortable mix between holiday and IBBY Camp! But, yes, please, let us know in which days and how many
hours you can volunteer.
No: IBBY Italia is not responsible for the organization of your trip.
Yes: if you want to organize workshops or other activities, please write to us and we can discuss and coordinate how to include them in the programme.

Yes: it is free.
No: refunds are not available, the activities will organized on voluntary basis
Yes: IBBY Italia will provide all materials needed for the activities, such as paper, scissors, glue, coloured paints and pencils, etc.
Yes: we are open to innovative thinking and new ideas

For more information, please contact

We look forward to meeting you on Lampedusa!

Read more from volunteer Debbie Beeks:

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